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Bring a Hearty Appetite to Asian Kebab and Hot Pot

The next time you’re looking for a way to warm up on a chilly winter day, consider heading over to Asian Kebab and Hot Pot for a meal. Yelp reviewers say the kebabs are tasty and authentic, but the hot pot experience is where this restaurant really shines. You’ll pay a flat rate of $26 per adult (kids are $14) for unlimited hot pot ordering.  Start by choosing your broth base (beef, pork, sour cabbage, or several others), and then decide what add-ins you want.

There are dozens of options, ranging from noodles, to thin-sliced lamb, to seafood, to lotus root, and more. Whatever you order will arrive at your table on a tray, and you’ll get to cook it exactly as you want it in the simmering hot pot of broth on your table. Regulars say it’s an especially good dining experience for larger groups, as you’ll be able sample a wider variety of ingredients and flavors.